About Us

The Force exists. And we believe in it. 

It’s not a religion, but it is a belief that there is something bigger than all of us. It takes care of each and every one of us. It inspires our faith. It motivates our lives. Call it whatever you want; The Force is our way of expressing it.

Our clothes are designed with pure, positive intentions and slogans that use various monikers to denote this Force that is within us all. There are stories behind each graphic, each design and we want you to know what those are, so we’ll include that in the description of each garment, but we encourage you to interpret each as it applies to you. YOU customize the meaning of the message as it applies to you.

Our intention is that when you choose The Force Clothing – it’s meaning and the feeling you get from wearing it strengthens and enthuses you in some way.  Or perhaps it communicates a message that cannot be stated in any other way.

The Force Clothing. When you wear it, it is with you.